Fifty Employees Concentrating on One Great Nonprofit

In 2006, the Chicago-based general contractor Norcon was given the opportunity to make an extreme jumpstart to its volunteering program.

“Several years ago, we were the general contractor for an edition ofExtreme Makeover: Home Edition,” said Jeff Jozwiak, Principal at Norcon, Inc., a midsized contractor in Chicago. “We built a new house for a needy family in five days for Extreme Makeover. All efforts and materials were 100 percent donated. Taking on that project set the tone for Norcon to continue to get involved in helping communities.”

Since that time, Norcon supported many nonprofits. Most recently, Norcon committed to Windy City Habitat for Humanity.

“Concentrating on Habitat really makes sense for Norcon. Being in the construction industry, it is a natural fit. And it is something that makes it easy for the employees to rally around.”