Volunteerism Flavored by Doing the Right Thing

Taste is the essence of FONA International’s business, and “Doing the Right Thing” epitomizes FONA’s mission of being a great neighbor.

“Volunteering is part of the culture here at FONA,”said Lindsey Clark, Benefits Specialist at FONA International. “FONA was founded on seven core values, one of which is ‘Do the Right Thing.’ Volunteering is just an extension of that.”

FONA International is a TOP ’TEER company for 2012 because it is a leader in employee volunteering and giving back to its neighbors … literally.

“We are proud to have the Northern Illinois Food Bank as our neighbor and to share with them our time,” Clark said. “Four times a year, we give our employees the opportunity to volunteer three hours of their time to the Food Bank. They can go in the morning or the afternoon. We help out there however we are needed. One time, we were packing corn, another time we were packing ham.”

“We are very grateful for the support FONA and its employees provide us,” said Tia Claffy, Volunteer Manager at Northern Illinois Food Bank. “Throughout the year, employees volunteer with a variety of tasks, including evaluating, sorting and boxing frozen meats, or boxing breads and sorting and packing food donations.”This demonstrated commitment to a good-neighbor policy led the Northern Illinois Food Bank to nominate FONA as a TOP ’TEER company.